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  • By Michael Shurley

To Alaska We Go!

There is a flurry of preparation among the Senior Class and their Staff Sponsors: packing,

training, last minute fundraising, etc. We have been preparing for this trip since around

Christmas, and now it is finally here. We will be leaving on Wednesday March 21. To those who have donated to the Class of 2018 Mission Trip, we would like to offer a huge thanks. This could not have happened without your support and prayers. We will now be able to minister to the populations of Fairbanks and North Pole, 71% of whom identify as non Christian. We will offer them a Cooking School with free cookbooks where they can learn to cook for health as well as taste. We will also be running a health expo at which people can be trained to live as healthfully as possible. We also have multiple music programs that will be happening at both Adventist, and other Churches. If you would still like to help, we are still accepting donations. You can donate online at the link below. Please continue praying for our trip, that we will change lives for eternity.


The Senior Class.


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