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Committed to providing an atmosphere and learning experiences that will enable each student to achieve the intellectual excellence of which he or she is capable.


Recognize that God is the source of both knowledge and wisdom


Become a thinker

rather than a mere reflector of others' thoughts


Gain a foundation of knowledge and skills for excellence in future education


Establish the habits of self-discipline necessary for future success

Oklahoma Academy Diplomas

We offer two different types of diplomas upon graduation: The General Diploma and the College Preparatory Diploma. The College Preparatory Diploma is designed to prepare students who wish to go on to college with additional credits in maths and sciences. The Table below shows the classes and credits required for each diploma.


  • The Bible credit is required for every semester of attendance in a Seventh-day Adventist high school.

  • The English credits are necessary for any school in the US. In International schools, the primary language of the country will count towards this credit. 

  • The Mathematics credits must include Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II (or equivalent) for the General Diploma. The College Prep diploma requires Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one credit of an advanced math course such as Pre-Calculus or Trigonometry.

  • We recommend the Modern Language requirement, necessary for the College Prep Diploma, be the same modern language for both credits. For International students to fulfill this requirement, an English course every year in attendance of their international school is required.

  • The Science requirement should have one credit in a laboratory biological such as Biology I, Biology II, or Anatomy & Physiology. One credit of a physical science is also required such as Physical Science, Earth Science, Physics, or Chemistry. These classes do not require a lab. However, three credits of a laboratory science is required for the College Prep Diploma.

  • The Social Studies requirement is met by completing one credit of a World History, American History, and Cultural Geography.

  • The Wellness Education requirement fro the General Diploma is 0.5 credit in health education, safety education, or P.E. The College Prep requires 1 credit of health education, safety education, or P.E.

  • The Computer Education credit requires demonstration of competency in the use of word processing software. Business classes can be used to fulfill this requirement.

  • Fine Arts includes courses such as art appreciation, photography, videography, music appreciation, general art course, music performance organization (Choir, Chorale, Bell Choir), or private music lessons. Realize not all of these courses are always offered at Oklahoma Academy.

  • The Vocational credits are required for every student at Oklahoma Academy. If you participate in a certain area of experience, a diploma can be obtained upon graduating from Oklahoma Academy. For more information on the Vocational Program, click here.

  • The graduation requirements listed are the minimum expected of each student. However, the primary concern and focus of the educational program is on the welfare of the student. A specific subject or requirement may be waived or substituted when the requirement is unrealistic or unattainable by the student.

  • To qualify for graduation the student is to be enrolled for at least the entire semester prior to graduation. The Academic Standards Committee must approve exceptions for valid transfers.

  • All course work for graduation is to be completed before the student may receive a diploma.

  • A student who wants to challenge a course for credit is to meet the criteria and guidelines as established by Oklahoma Academy. There is not a letter grade or GPA advantage for a challenged course. The student receives a pass or fail grade.

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