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​​Lands' End delivers long-lasting durability and comfort in their school uniforms.

School Number: 900109570


For a more economical option, French Toast is the answer for school uniforms.

School Code (QS5KZLD)

What to Wear
Women's Uniform

2 Skirts

Choose Khaki or

Navy Blue

Boy's Uniform

3 Pants (Plain or Pleated)

Choose Khaki or

Navy Blue

*Must be Hemmed to fall on top of shoe

Two 3/4 Oxford Blouse

Choose White, Blue, or French Blue

Two Oxford Long-Sleeves

Choose White, Blue Stripe or French Blue

Two Polo Shirts w/ Logo

Choose Pink, White, Purple, or Chambray

Two Polo Shirts w/ Logo

Choose Cobalt, Gray, Burgundy or White

Dress Clothes

For Vespers & Chrurch

School Uniform

For school, Prayer meeting & some work areas

Casual Wear

For Free time, recreation,& Some work areas