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Meet Our Staff

Miguel Alonso

Aviation Assistant and Assistant Boy's Dean

Miguel Alonso helps to train the Mission Aviation students and keep the boys' dorm in order.

Michael Baker

Grounds Assistant

Michael Baker helps to keep our campus looking beautiful throughout the year as he assists Pr. Jagitsch and the grounds team.

Simone Banks

Farm Assistant

Cynthia Brooks

Clifton Brooks

Aviation & Mission Track

Mr. Brooks is eager to train and equip the next generation of missionaries! He serves as the flight instructor and leader of the Mission Track program.

Cynthia Brooks

Girls Dean

Mrs. Brooks lovingly cares for the girls in the dorm as a mother away from home.
Pictured with three of their children: Carolina, Caleb, and Cyrus and dog Dixie.

Alice Day

Kent Day

Farm Manager

Mr. Day serves as farm manager, bringing organic produce from the soil while planting seeds of industry and good work ethic in his students!

Alice Day

Farm Assistant

Mrs. Day loves working with her husband to produce beautiful vegetables and fruits on the Oklahoma Academy farm. Pictured here with their children: Angela, Jonathan, and Zachery.

Claire Luz-Diaz

Choir Director

Señora Diaz leads the choir and chorale in sharing the gospel through song while training young voices to sing in harmony.

Donna Dumar

Jean-Marie Dumar


Mr. Dumar cheerfully works as the school librarian keeping track of all the books and delighting students with his authentic French accent.

Donna Dumar

French and English Teacher

Mrs. Dumar embeds in student's mind the importance of understanding and learning English, while also broadening student's languages, through teaching French.

Elder Jim and Donelda Hiner

Founders of Oklahoma Academy

Elder and Mrs. Hiner started Oklahoma Academy in 1981. Elder Hiner served as the president for twenty years. Mrs. Hiner was the treasurer. They are now enjoying their retirement.

Karen Holland

Brian Holland

Lay Pastor and Teacher

Mr. Holland catches everyone's attention with his energetic voice as he teaches classes and serves as the lay pastor on campus.

Karen Holland

President, Principal, and Teacher

Mrs. Holland fills many needed positions here at Oklahoma Academy. She leads the school as president and principal, as well as teacher and bell choir director.

Sharon Iezzi

Country Store Assistant

Miss Iezzi has brought her enthusiasm and entrepreneurial skills to the Country Store, expanding its reach in the community.

Cara Jagitsch

Mark Jagitsch

Outreach Director and Grounds

Pr. Jagitsch keeps the grounds looking beautiful and also works with the students to organize outreach activities.

Cara Jagitsch

Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Jagitsch works hard to provide healthy and amazing tasting meals for the students, as she serves with a cheerful smile. Pictured with their children, Annelise, Christian, and Kean.

Solomon Lazar

Basanthi Lazar


Hardworking mother of three, Mrs. Lazar has dedicated her life to faithfully show the love of Jesus to the students, staff, and community around her working as the registrar.

Solomon Lazar

Publishing Director

Mr. Lazar manages Oklahoma Academy Publishing.

Yuleidy Lopez

Spanish Teacher and Cafeteria Asst.

Yuleidy Lopez teaches Spanish I and II. She encourages them to practice so they can share the Gospel in Spanish. She also cheerfully assists in the Cafeteria. Pictured here with her husband and three children: Miguel, Noemi, and Andres.

Dr. Ron McCluskey

Art, Math, and Chemistry Teacher

Dr. Ron brings an appreciation and love for God's nature on campus. When not exploring, adding to his bug collection, or practicing photography, Dr. Ron teaches art, algebra II, and chemistry. He brings creativity and diversity to each class. Pictured here with his wife, Dr. Rose.

Yuricko Rodriguez

Canvassing Leader

Yuricko Rodriguez happily guides the canvassers in sharing the Gospel message door-to-door as the leader for the canvassing program.

Elizabeth Rollins

Elementary School Teacher

Mrs. Rollins keeps a smile on her face as she teaches the elementary aged staff children, keeping them engaged and learning.

Emeline Schofield

Wes Schofield

Boys Dean & Auto Mechanics

Mr. Schofield fulfills the role of Dad to the boys with good humor and fatherly direction. In addition, he teaches automotive mechanics.

Emeline Schofield

Vocational Director & Office Manager

Mrs. Schofield serves as the vocational coordinator and the Missions Unlimited office manager. She also brings a motherly spirit to the boys dorm. Pictured here with their son Andre.

Janyce Sendelbach


Mrs. Sendelbach, cheerfully serves as treasurer, crunching numbers and keeping her eye on the finance. Pictured here with her husband, Pastor Larry Sendelbach.

Joella Show

Doug Show

Mission Construction Instructor and Maintenance

Mr. Show attends to the many maintenance needs on campus and also thoroughly trains our future construction missionaries to use their skills in reaching others.

Joella Show

Farm Assistant

Mrs. Show is a wonderful blessing to the farm as she meticulously assists the Days and works with the students who are learning to be agriculture missionaries. Pictured here with their two children, Christopher and Jonathan.

Trey Shurley

Julie Shurley

Communications and Media

Mrs. Shurley serves in the media/communications department, training students in skills that will equip them to serve the Lord through media. She also teaches speech.

Trey Shurley


Mr. Shurley brings a cheerful attitude to his math, World Literature, Writing Workshop, and Anatomy and Physiology classes. Pictured here with their three boys: Michael, Cameron, and Christopher.

Elga Solomon

Bookkeeper and Assistant Girls' Dean

Elga Solomon patiently works in the office as Assistant Bookkeeper and is a perfect fit for the role "big sister" in the girls' dorm as Assistant Girls' Dean.

Nathaniel Wickey

Aviation Assistant

Nathaniel is taking flight training and helping with the flight program as a Mission Tech student.

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