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Admissions Process

Admissions Process

Considering Oklahoma Academy?

Your Questions Answered:
What does it cost to attend Oklahoma Academy?

The basic tuition for the year is $10,000 for domestic students, and $11,000 for international students.  Click the button to see the breakdown and possible additional fees.

Is there any tuition assistance available?

There are a number of ways you can reduce your school bill. One very good way is to work with a canvassing program, Messiah's Mansion, or other approved ministry over the summer. The school will match up to $1,500 of what you earn each summer. There are other discounts that can be earned, and we also have a Worthy Student program. Please speak with the Registrar about the different options.

What if I've been homeschooled prior to this?

You will need to submit a complete transcript from the study program you've used. If no transcript is available, you can click here to fill out the Home School Credits Assessment Form. Scan and email to the registrar. This will help determine your class placement. You should also take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills which can be taken at your local public school or ordered online.

More questions?

Click here to make an inquiry about applying. The registrar will reach out to you.

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