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  • By Sarah Chang

Thank You!

One beautiful spring afternoon, a seven-year-old girl ran to her grandmother and asked rather grumpily, “Grandma, why do older people try to keep you from having fun?” The grandmother chuckled, “Well, it depends on how you define the word fun, but I think I have a marvelous story for you, my child. A long time ago before you were born, there was a girl who was around 16 years old. She had a friend named Lillian. One day, these two girls were talking under a humongous shade tree because it was very hot. Lillian began, ‘I’m gonna go to a party tomorrow. Wanna come with me?’ The girl answered, ‘Yeah, I would love to go, but first I have to ask my parents. Let’s go!’ And although it was a very hot day, the two raced to the girl’s house.

“When they arrived at her home, the girl went immediately to her parents and asked if she could go to the party with Lillian. She was greatly disappointed when her parents said ‘no’. She took off to her room and cried bitterly. Lillian came behind her and rebuked her, ‘Why cry? Were you actually expecting your parents to say yes? What a fool! Now, now, don’t cry. I know what to do! Get ready for tomorrow’s party and come to my house at midnight; then we can go together, since my parents are both out for two days.’ So the girl did as her friend suggested in spite of her troubled conscience. The next day, the girl went to the party, Lillian joined her friends as soon as they arrived at the party which left the girl all alone. It was only a matter of time until this girl began to feel queer and uneasy, as if all of the young boys and girls seemed to be in great danger. A few minutes later-BOOM! It was a gigantic blast which was purported to be caused by some local gangs. The girl was trapped in a corner by the fallen rubble of the walls and roof. Fortunately, the girl was alive, but now she was trapped in that small space. She cried and called for help until she lost consciousness.

“When she opened her eyes, she heard rumblings and the moving of rocks and piles. She was finally rescued by emergency workers. As she wiggled out from the small space, she saw two figures in front of her. They were her parents. The girl was motionless, but before she could open her mouth, her parents hugged her tightly and did not seem to listen to the girl’s apology. The parents were just hugging and kissing their lost and found girl…” The grandmother stopped for a moment and then to my amazement she told me, “That girl was me many decades ago. And I still remember the love which my compassionate, whole-hearted parents demonstrated to me. I think that because older people often know what might be better for you, they are trying to keep you, their beautiful princess, from deadly, dangerous accidents. It was not fun to experience something that I thought would be fun. And I still remember that the dinner I ate with my family that night was a hundred times more fun than the party I went to.” So Grandmother finished her story. And this story which she told me many years ago has helped me a lot in obeying my parents. Now, I recognize that my willing obedience extends not only to my parents but also to God. Thank you, Grandma.

Thought: If the girl’s parents were so merciful and loving, what could you expect from the Heavenly Father who gave His Son just for you and me?


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