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  • Lincoln Gordon

6 Months

By Lincoln Gordon

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

I was canvassing one day when I started to wonder. What if I was diagnosed with cancer and only had six months to live? What would I do?

I knocked on the door and waited for a moment. It was a chilly day with a cool breeze sweeping down the street. Shivering, I waited. An older man opened the door and asked what I needed. After introducing myself, I jumped into my canvas. The books didn’t interest him, so I asked if I could pray with him. He said yes, and then told me he had been diagnosed with cancer. Unsure of what exactly to pray for, I just went for it. It was a short prayer, and I don’t remember what l said, but the man was very blessed and seemed at peace. As I walked away, the questions I asked at the beginning of this story came to mind.

Many say they would change the world if they only had 6 months left. Would they? What would I do? Waller in self-pity and complain about how horrible my life was until I died? Or, would I try to make an impact, be a missionary, fly planes, write a book, learn a skill, spend every spare moment with loved ones, run a marathon, or invent something? 

Why wait until we are dying to make a difference? Live like you are going to die tomorrow. Throw yourself into the work God has given you now. Don’t wait until your time on earth has expired. There are people for you to reach this very second. Why wait until you are dying? Work for God today!


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