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  • Juliette Karasira

First To Go

On Monday September 3, 2018 my class went to Enid Oklahoma with Messiah’s Mansion to share the message of the sanctuary. Some of us were excited to go, some were scared to give tours, and others would have rather stayed at school. When we arrived at the Enid Adventist Church we found that the majority of the stakes had been hammered in already! This made set up seem a lot easier and faster. During our week of setup it rained really hard and the grass was very wet and muddy, but we soldiered on and soon the sanctuary was up. The next week we gave tours to many different people; four busloads of children came ranging from ages 6-12. Some came all the way from Southern Texas just to see the tour, and many citizens that had heard about us through the local newspaper.

During the week of tours I was privileged to have a man named James in my tour. He had helped us set up the sanctuary the week before and was a very quiet, reserved man. During the first station of the tour he started asking questions about certain dates and facts and their significance. I was pleased because I didn’t think he would participate very much. Throughout the tour I learned that James had only been studying the Bible for about a year and the sanctuary message was new to him I felt humbled and perplexed to know that God had chosen me to share this precious message with someone that was new to the Bible. At the end of the tour, James told me that I had done a good job. I again was so grateful to God that the message I shared had made an impression on James. I pray that God who has started a good work in James will see it to completion. I hope to see James in the kingdom of heaven some day: not because I was the one tell him about the sanctuary, but because he continued to learn about God. Overall, it was a really good trip. I am so grateful that my class was the first to go on a sanctuary trip this year.


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