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  • By Michael Shurley

I Was An Hungered, And Ye Gave Me Meat

Being homeless is not an easy life. Crime, lack of medical care, and drug abuse run rampant among the homeless community, requiring one to be constantly on the lookout for danger. With such squalid living conditions one cannot expect to meet the life expectancy for the average American, instead life expectancy is pushed back to that of the early 1800s, a mere 40 years. In the Oklahoma City area the homeless population is estimated to be between 5,500-7,000 persons. Winter time is hard for anyone without shelter. At Oklahoma Academy we wish to provide unselfish care to those who are without the comforts of a home.

Last year we went to the homeless and gave them food, for which they were very grateful. We visited with them, and ministered to them through music. We plan to do the same again this year, with the addition of providing homeless packages with necessities such as soap, shampoo, lotion, warm socks, and food items such as granola bars, an encouraging card, and a GLOW tract or two.

We are currently gathering resources for the project. If you are able to donate supplies, we will accept them at the OA country store. If you are able to donate funds we are able to take them at the OA Business office, or online.

The homeless population of Oklahoma City are our brothers and sisters. Let’s not forget their plight. Let’s be among those who give meat to the hungry.


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