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  • By Michael Shurley/Sian Tuang

Sian's Story

In this day and age the world is a corrupt place. Public schools in many places are fine in academic regards but lack an environment that will nurture the Christian life. At OA we wish to provide students, not only with great academics, but a supportive, spiritual atmosphere. Praise God that despite the corruption of this world there are youth who wish to escape the corruption found in this world. Many come by faith, having little funding to support them in their schooling endeavor. These are our worthy students. This year we have five worthy students: Luis, Leo, Sian, Christi, and Muang Pi. I’ll let Sian tell his story.

Hi my name is Sian. I am from Myanmar. I am a senior at OA. A member of our church introduced us to OA when my brother, Thawn, graduated from middle school. Whenever he came home for break, I saw something change in him. He was growing spiritually. I wanted that change in my life also. I want to grow spiritually. I told my mom, “This is the school I want to go to for my high school years.”

One thing I like about OA is the way they train us to become missionaries. They train us to lead out in Sabbath school and worship services. I also appreciate the vocational training.

OA has been helping me grow spiritually. I’m learning to how to love and care for others rather than myself. Also, as my mom would tell you, I was pretty disobedient to my parents before, but God has changed my life since I came to OA.

After I graduate, I am planning to go to college where I can get some type of medical degree to become a medical missionary.


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