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  • By Michael Shurley

Oklahoma Academy Country Store Moving Forward

The OA Country Store has been through multiple signs over the years. From a large, heavy, wooden sign; to a yellowish, hand-painted plywood sign. The latter had become so dilapidated, that certain words could no longer be read clearly. Recently that sign was replaced with a new, more durable one made of polycarbonate and aluminium. It was not, however, the only signage that was installed. Another

was placed on the corner of Luther and 63rd, and a third on highway 23rd that runs through Harrah. The money for the new signs was a gift from the class of 2015.

Although the new Country Store manager, Alice Day, was not the instigator of the sign change, it reflects the innovative and visionary mindset that she has brought to the Country Store. Mrs. Day and her family came from Kansas where she ran her own bakery. She brings a business owner’s attitude into play in the way she manages the country store. She has changed the interior layout significantly, and still more changes are planned. Mrs. Day sees it as more than just a store, she sees it as a store with a mission. For this reason she is looking to set up a Bible study group that meets in the store, as well as an area where customers can sit and read the Christian and health books they have for sale.

In order for any of these changes to be useful, people need to know about the store itself. There are multiple steps being taken in that direction, such as a full-page advertisement in Harrah Today, and a Facebook marketing campaign. Speaking of the internet, the Country Store is also looking into having their own online store through which customers may order products and have them shipped to their door. The store will be closed down the week between Christmas and New Year’s in order to complete other repairs and renovations.

As a cottage industry of Oklahoma Academy, the store not only serves as valuable job experience for students who work there, but it is also a financial support to the school. Please continue to support OA and the Country Store as we continue to move forward and seek God’s wisdom in carrying out the mission He has given us.


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