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  • By Providence Mpano

Love is the Greatest - a paraphrase

The nature of love is patient and kind, unconditionally giving love to people who annoy and bother you. Love is loyal showing people that they can trust you when there is no one else to trust. This same love does not look upon itself as the better human being; but in fact, it puts others before itself. As you see people being proud and all puffed up, know that true love acts in the opposite way of this because true love delights not in evil. Lastly, the nature of love is to be delighted whenever the glorious sound of God’s truth hits its yearning ears, which can help the exerciser of this love gain more love for others.

Love is something that is everlasting, something that never fails and something that you can always put your trust in. True love remains strong and over time will grow stronger. It is not as fickle as the love we humans have. Charity, in fact, is perfectly whole, fades not, and does things purely out of the love for you. As a comparison to love, we have one true model - God. Both charity and God reign forever because love is precisely what God is. God, Who is everlasting, is the perfect demonstration of true love as He expresses it to us daily.

When I was a kid, I would babble, think, and do random stuff like a kid. But now that I have grown up, I have to put those child-like things away. Because everything I see is not clear right now, God will come and show His love to me in my heart. Soon people will be able to completely see God’s face as a reflection in us through the love pouring out of us. There are several very important things such as faith and hope. Godly people seek to have these character traits as well. Preparing to be like Jesus in this way will help, but there is also one more thing. Next to faith and hope is love given by God.T’is the greatest of all.


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