Making North Pole Bread

When Oklahoma Academy still had a daycare, the cafeteria cooks provided meals for the academy and the daycare. One morning the meals were so hastily packaged that when the food arrived at the daycare kitchen, the bread was still frozen. Mrs. Kennedy, the daycare director, had an idea. “Today we have a special treat!” she told the hungry kids. “We have North Pole bread! Isn’t that awesome?” Excited whispers spread through the kids. No one had ever had North Pole bread before! The kids eagerly ate all of the frozen bread that day for lunch. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. It's easy to be worried and frustrated and question God. Like the children of Israel, we groan at every inconvenience

Present Truth Vs. Precious Truth

Since my freshman year those words have been capriciously echoed in sermons, classes, and conversations. Mr. Leinneweber always tells the same story. “If your friend is blasting music on his head phones, walking across some railroad tracks, and you see a train coming, what will you do? Will you yell and wave at him and say ‘Hey your shoes are untied’ or will you cry out ‘A train is coming look out!’ What is more relevant to your friend at that time.” Students unanimously respond that we would warn him about the train. I mull over this story frequently. If I had a message that could save someone from a painful death, would I share it? Living in the Bible belt it’s easy to talk to someone abo

Student Week Of Prayer

Commitment is hard. Young people often suffer from indecisiveness, flakiness and fear. Most of us are scared of lifelong commitments: marriage, mortgages and choosing a career. But what about commitment to God? Why is that so scary? What keeps us from making a decision for Christ? The theme for our week of prayer was commitment to Christ. Each letter in the word COMMIT stands for a principal one needs to truly commit to Christ: Counting the cost, Owning your message, Meeting the need, Moving fearlessly, Independently dependent and Taking His promises to heart. Each morning a student spoke on one letter in the C.O.M.M.I.T acronym. For instance on Monday the speaker spoke about counting the c

They Are Here!

They’ve finally arrived! After months of waiting with anticipation, our new bells are here at last and what a journey it has been. About this time last year, our school was planning a mission trip to Cuba with our bells in tow. When we arrived, we were surprised to see adults with children alike enamored with the shiny tinkling bells. As we ended our week of concerts, Mrs. Holland our bell choir director, shared her impression to leave the bells in Cuba as a tool for evangelism. We were shocked. Nonetheless, we agreed that the music would be a way to reach people when preaching could not. We left Cuba with our hearts full of memories but with pinpricks of remorse for leaving our bells behind