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  • Cameron Shurley

Present Truth Vs. Precious Truth

Since my freshman year those words have been capriciously echoed in sermons, classes, and conversations. Mr. Leinneweber always tells the same story. “If your friend is blasting music on his head phones, walking across some railroad tracks, and you see a train coming, what will you do? Will you yell and wave at him and say ‘Hey your shoes are untied’ or will you cry out ‘A train is coming look out!’ What is more relevant to your friend at that time.” Students unanimously respond that we would warn him about the train.

I mull over this story frequently. If I had a message that could save someone from a painful death, would I share it? Living in the Bible belt it’s easy to talk to someone about Jesus and feel like I am witnessing. We share precious truth and it can be a blessing, But what of the vital present truth I have that this person needs to hear to be ready for Jesus’ soon coming? Maybe I helped that person get his shoes tied, but he got hit by a train! Was I really fulfilling the gospel commission?

Present truth is what people need especially in these days of fear. Sometimes my friends and I pound our fists and shake our heads crying because we want to share Jesus but we don’t know how. Sharing the crucifixion story is beautiful, needed, and precious but how many know how Jesus is interceding for them now? How many know Jesus is coming soon? (like very soon)

Lately with the concern of coronavirus, God has reminded me He wants to end the suffering, disaster, and misery. He yearns to revive us and transform us into His image. As Adventists we know the vital truths that God has given to the remnant of the woman’s seed. Why can’t we finish the work? Let us boldly share that a train is coming! People are dying. Souls are waiting for us to share present truth.


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