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  • Annelise Jagitsch

Your Own ATC?

By Annelise Jagitsch

Every pilot, flight student, and many non-pilots alike knows about air traffic control or ATC. Air traffic control is a service that helps pilots know when its safe to take off, land, and where it is safe to fly. Thanks to air traffic controllers, pilots can fly without worrying about colliding with other aircraft.

As a student pilot, I had to learn how to communicate with ATC. But before I learned how to communicate with ATC, I learned how important ATC is. Without faithful people dedicated to safely navigating pilots around busy airspaces, flying would be completely unsafe. We would never know when other aircraft were on a collision course with us or if the runway was clear. We wouldn’t know what the weather was like on the ground. We wouldn’t know when it was safe.

Similarly, in our spiritual lives, we have our own form of Air Traffic Control. His name is Jesus and He is even more reliable than ATC. He never makes mistakes. Jesus can guide anyone going anywhere. He can lead in the dark as well as the light. He knows where the bumps are and where the obstacles are hiding.

As we live our lives day to day do we call on Jesus to lead us? If not, don’t you think life would be much less stressful, scary, and hard if He was leading? Wouldn’t it give you peace to know that an all-powerful, all-knowing God was leading you? Jesus has your back. He sees what you cannot and He knows what you don’t. Trust Him today and call on Him to lead you. Like Air Traffic Control He is dedicated to guiding you safely through life. Trust Him.


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