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  • Rebecca Johnsen

Three Towels, God?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

By Rebecca Johnsen as told by Olivia Chuckluck

“There's another baptism! There’s another baptism!” echoed through the halls of the lodge where the 2021 camp meeting was being held.

Olivia had been cleaning the bathroom, but as soon as she heard those words she dropped everything. She was very excited to hear that there would be another baptism in addition to the five that had already happened that day.

Supplying towels was part of Olivia’s job at the camp meeting since she worked in the laundry. Earlier, the pastor had baptized four individuals, but then he felt that there was yet another person who wished to be baptized. It turned out that there was, as someone had raised their hand. After the baptism, everyone returned to their routine and Olivia went back to cleaning.

Everyone was thrilled that there would be yet another baptism. The baptism took place and then yet another person asked for baptism. Again, Olivia headed up the stairs to the laundry room where the towels were. She had already climbed the stairs many times that day since there had been so many baptized. She opened the door, stepped inside the room, and picked up a towel. As she turned to leave she felt God saying to her that she should take three towels down instead of one. “But, only one person is getting baptized,” she told God. But the calm, insistent feeling washed over her again. She should bring three towels down instead of one. So turning around, she picked up two more towels and headed down the stairs. When the pastor saw how many towels she had brought down, he pulled her aside and said, “I don’t know how you got the message, but you got the exact amount of towels we needed!" It turned out that three people were going to be baptized. Olivia had a shocked look on her face realizing that God had impressed her of what was needed when she had no clue herself. Nine people were baptized that day!

Olivia has wondered what would have happened if she wouldn’t have had the faith to follow God and listen to what He had been telling her. She knows that she likely wouldn’t have had the testimony of hearing God’s voice in a very practical way.

Listen to God and take that leap of faith. Even when it seems crazy-trust Him.

Shout out to Wewoka Woods Summer Camp


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