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  • Nathaniel W.

On The Rock

The mountains loomed in awesome grandeur as I stood and looked upon their strong and permanent face. The imposing boulders, steep inclines, and dangerous ledges, all manifested a picture of strength and majesty. They seemed to offer adventure to those who were strong and agile enough to crawl through the crevices and struggle up their valleys. The challenge was too tempting, and I began to ascend. The higher I climbed, the harder the wind blew through the trees. The sound was unnerving. Stopping for a moment to enjoy the view from the mountain’s peak, my mind drifted to the future. “Someday Nathaniel, your faith will be tested. You will have to flee to the mountains to escape your persecutors. You will be hungry, exhausted, physically alone. Today you are hiking for exercise; but what about next time?” Pondering these thoughts was sobering, and as I gazed upon the surrounding country, I prayed a silent prayer that I would remain faithful, no matter what might happen.

As Jesus’ second return approaches, we must keep in mind that someday we will have to flee from our enemies. However, God promises that we will never be alone. Through our tribulation, Jesus will always be our mountain; He will be our safety and our fortitude.


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