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"Looks like you're selling something..."

By Ezekiel See

Hot sweat trickled down my face. The sun glared at me with a relentless stare. The only sounds were quick steps down the deserted road. My steps. On either side of me were large industrial buildings. I had been canvassing all morning, and it was nearly lunch break. As I looked ahead, I saw a semi-truck parked on the side of the road. As I neared it, it seemed deserted. I figured it belonged to the warehouse a few hundred feet down the road, my next destination. However, as I passed the cab, a voice called to me, “Looks like you’re selling something.”

When someone says this, they are usually not interested. But something was different. The man in the cab smiled down at me. If he had not called me, I would have passed him by and never known the difference. He wanted to talk to me.

I introduced myself and showed him a book. He seemed interested, so I continued talking with him. I had noticed the license plate on the truck was from Indiana - where I grew up, and I asked him where he was from. He told me he worked locally and didn’t do much out-of-state driving.

As we continued to talk, I shared with him one of our spiritual books. He began to get excited. It turned out that he was a very devout Christian, and he was involved in a ministry to help troubled young people find Jesus. Hearing this, I gave him three other devotional books that I knew would have a powerful impact on the kids. In the end, the man got four books, all devotionals, to share with the kids he was working with. Before leaving, I prayed with him, thanking God that he decided to stop on that lonely road for his lunch break and for the opportunity to meet and share with him something he was searching for.

This experience showed me that God does put people in our paths. Anyone, anywhere, anytime. We can be missionaries wherever we go. All we have to do is ask for His guidance in our lives.


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