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  • Areli Tenorio

Just Trust Me

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

By Areli Tenorio

It was a Tuesday morning. My canvassing partner, Naomi, and I were ready for the day. Our first drop was a business strip. As we hopped out of the van we set a goal for how much money and how many books we wanted to get out. As we started down the street of businesses we both started praying that God would help us reach our goal. While Naomi talked to people I would pray and vice versa. She was getting out a lot of books. I started to despair a little. I wasn't getting nearly as many books out. What was wrong? The more I thought about it, the more I gave up. As we walked to the next business I prayed, “God show me that you can bless me,” and immediately I heard His voice, “Areli just trust me.”

The next business we went to appeared abandoned. We tried anyway. The door was unlocked and we walked in. All around us were boxes and paper. Almost like someone was moving. Then a lady came around a corner. Quickly, we introduced ourselves and gave her our canvas. A sad expression began to cloud the lady's face. I knew then that she wasn’t going to help us. Again I began to give up. She turned, then walked to a desk against the wall. “I honestly don’t have much to give, I only have 100 dollars that I can help you guys with.” I was stunned. After overcoming my shock, I quickly told her that she could have 4 books for that amount. The cloud of sadness left her face and was replaced with a surprised expression of joy. We stayed for a couple of minutes and got to know more about her.

As we walked away I was especially happy. I knew that God had listened to my prayers. And we were only 3 books away from our original goal. I realized how important it is to trust in God, no matter what. He always knows where and when. We need to trust him.


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