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He Leadeth Me

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

By Micah Grady

Have you ever wanted to see God lead in your life? Have you ever needed guidance in a situation, and it seemed that God was not listening? A few months ago I felt that God wasn't listening, but despite my doubt, I found out that He does care about our lives. He leads even when we cannot see him moving.

This spring I decided I wanted to attend an Adventist boarding school in the fall. I had also set my sights on becoming a mission pilot and felt called to pursue mission pilot training. If you have ever looked at Adventist schools, you probably know how many options there are. To narrow down the options, my parents helped me draw up some guidelines for what we wanted in a school. We wanted a school with high Christian principles, challenging academics, and a mission aviation program. From the beginning, we prayed for God’s guidance.

A friend mentioned an academy he knew had a mission pilot program. My mom called this academy, and after some lengthy conversations, she thought it might be a good option. I knew of only two other schools with the pilot program, and I didn't want to go to those other schools. I did not feel God leading me to this academy, but not knowing of any better options, I decided to go. I applied and was accepted. Despite this, I still wasn’t sure where God wanted me to be.

About one week before leaving for the academy, God guided me in an amazing way. I was on a backpacking trip with Young Disciple Camp, enjoying catching up with my friend Max. I told Max my goal of going to a school with a mission aviation program and he suggested that I try Oklahoma Academy (OA). I was uncomfortable with the academy I had been accepted to, so I decided to look into attending OA.

I was excited about OA, and a conversation with the registrar left me even more impressed with the school. I was certain that I wanted to attend but I needed to know if there was still space for me in the mission aviation program. The registrar informed me that Mr. Brooks, their flight instructor, was hard to reach and he was currently at ASI, making contact even more difficult. I asked God to make Mr. Brooks answer right away if OA was the school for me. I am ashamed to say that I didn't think God would answer my prayer, so I was shocked when he picked up after only a few rings! I talked to him and decided that OA was where God wanted me to be.

So does God lead us? Yes. And even though His guidance might be at the last minute, help always comes when we need it. When you think that God does not hear you, trust Him and wait for Him to reveal His plans. His ways are unimaginably higher than ours! I am so thankful for a God who leads me.


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