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  • Oriana Matus

Finishing Strong

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

By Oriana Matus

It was my last day of canvassing. During worship, my leader chose a new theme for the group, “Finishing Strong.” I wanted this to be my best day. Worship started as always, with singing and prayer. After worship, we teamed up and headed out.

I don’t remember the specific spot where I was placed, but I do remember it was a parking lot (probably Walmart). As I exited the van, I whispered this prayer, “Please help me finish strong.” That was my prayer all day.

From the start, the books were flying out. I had to keep calling my leader for more and more books. The morning vanished, and lunchtime arrived. I had sold more books that morning than I had during most days. I saw the power of God that morning in so many different ways.

After eating lunch with the team, I was dropped off at the same place, remembering my prayer to finish strong. That afternoon was a bit slower than the morning, but the books were still going out, and God was blessing.

I still can hardly believe the amazing blessings God provided. I still remember my feeling of triumph when we got back to the church. God had done what seemed so unlikely. He waited till the very last day to show me His amazing power.


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