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  • Keira Kleypas

A Grand Symphony

By Keira Kleypas

Slowly, it grows - a simple whisper dancing in the back of your mind. But then, almost imperceptibly, it increases until it fills the whole room with a majestic melody tremoring through your heart. The tune vibrates the very fibers of your being. Soft harmonies dance quietly amidst the grand symphony, creating a beautiful masterpiece one could doubtless call a piece of art. Shivers run down your spine as the notes bring a flood of emotions upon your soul. But only you realize it as you sit listening while others diligently study. You are also working, but isn’t the realization that so many different people from so many different backgrounds can come together and unite their instruments to create a beautiful sound not worth your noticing? So you take a few moments to appreciate it, then resume your work.

Imagine if after arranging that piece of music, the composer just sat down and declared his work finished, but never brought the instruments together to play it. Imagine after writing each part, he only played them separately and never as a whole. His hard work would not accomplish its full potential, as it would never realize the heights it could reach. But that is not what a good composer does, and neither is that what God does. He writes a beautiful sheet of music, not to be played individually, but for everything to work together harmoniously. He doesn’t create one discordant note - every chord has a purpose in the music. Thoughtfully is each piece written, and there is no mistake in His arrangement.

We are the notes in God's music. He created each of us with a purpose to fulfill our part in the world. He specifically placed us where we would be most valuable. Just like the music, we are not to exist alone. Rather, we are to be part of the harmonious whole, giving of ourselves to create a beautiful tune ascending to heaven.

God desires each of us to fill our part. Longing for us to fill our roles voluntarily, however, He refrained from force to create the perfect masterpiece. By our sinful natures, we can become a discordant note, but through the grace of God, we can attain the heights He would have us achieve and fulfill our God-given purpose. Through His power, we can bless others. Will you let God use you today to be a part of His grand symphony?


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1 Comment

Ron McCluskey
Ron McCluskey
Oct 12, 2023

Kudos Keira! Really well written!

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