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  • Christian Jagitsch

"A Day Flipped Downside-Up"

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

By Christian Jagitsch

This summer while canvassing highway houses in Escanaba Michigan, I had an amazing encounter with God and a tourist. I don’t personally enjoy going door to door down the state highway with cars and trucks whizzing past, but I had been assigned this route so I jumped out of the van and went along anyway, trying to distract myself from the hubbub around me.

A few minutes later I wandered into a vacation rental village. It was a cozy neighborhood with little red and white cabins on the shore of lake Michigan. Rounding the corner to start on the row of cottages, I noticed a man grilling something out in front of the fifth rental. I began to debate with myself whether I should go and talk to him or start with the first cabin and work my way toward him.

Choosing the latter, I began with the first cottage. At the fourth, it dawned on me: “If I do this cottage right now, the guy next door will hear me, and get pre-conceived ideas about what I’m doing." I decided to skip the fourth and move to the fifth. The man at the fifth was kind and we had a great conversation. In the end, he bought all of my books. But that wasn’t the craziest part! When I went back to cottage 4, the owner of the village, who lived there, kicked me out! As I was moving on from that village I just couldn’t help but jump with joy. God knew the order I needed to go in to reach the one person that would be open to what I had to offer. It was a small impression with really amazing results.

That whole day had been spent questioning myself and God and now He had just given me a dump bag (when someone buys all of your books). Not only that, but all the canvassers on my team got a dump bag that day. I still believe that it was God that put the idea to skip a house into my head, and highway houses didn’t turn out to be so bad after all.


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