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  • Celeste Brooks

Into The Mission Field

Usually, when we think of the mission field, the thick jungles of South America or remote villages in third world countries come to mind. But what about those people who have grown up with comfortable homes in thriving environments and yet do not fully understand the love of Jesus? Some of these people know about Christ and even practice rituals of “Worship” to God, yet they wonder who He is, and why do I do these rituals? Poland is home to almost 38 million people. Out of this population 85.9% is Catholic, 1.3% Orthodox, and 0.4% Protestant. To break these statistics down, even more, approximately 0.016% of the population is Adventist. There is one Adventist for every 6,000 people. This is a country where tradition runs deep in its roots. Being predominantly Catholic, Poland follows the rituals and formalities that the Catholic religion sets. This year’s senior class has been given the call to go to Kolobrzeg, Poland. This city, set on the northern coast of Poland near the Baltic Sea, is base on the English language school called School by the Sea. Julia Arroyo, our biology teacher here at Oklahoma Academy, connected us with the church and school she worked with during her student missionary time there. School by the Sea is a Seventh-day Adventist institution that not only endeavors to teach a foreign language but also a Christian way of life. Mrs. Arroyo told us about her experiences while in Poland. Her students would come to class during the time of Holy Saturday with a basket full of things such as bread, and salt. She asked them why they had those things, but none of them understood the meaning behind what they were doing. We know these as representations of Jesus but because no one has told these young people about the truth of who Jesus is, they grow up stuck in the formalities of their religion. It is evident in Poland that evangelism, as commonly conducted, is difficult. Prophecy meetings and large evangelistic conventions do not prove to be as effective because these people grow up locked in a form of religion without power or a personal knowledge of the truth. Our senior class is eager to reach these people through other methods. The seniors will be helping with language classes along with presenting health expos in the local area. We want to give these people the opportunity for a new way of life. Our goal is to be a witness to every single person we come in contact with. We want to show the people of Kolobrzeg, Poland what Christ is like and how He can change their lives both physically and spiritually. Ellen White says in A Call to Medical Evangelism and Health Education p. 4, “The history of the Advent movement has been characterized by a dual ministry. Health and temperance work has always been a part of world evangelism. Many important reforms in healthful living are recognized as being closely interwoven with the Advent gospel message. Pointing the way to a full observance of God's law has included the recognition of the laws of health.” We need your help to make this mission happen. Our class needs to raise $15,000 for this mission trip. God has sent us a call and we are trusting in Him to provide the way. Whatever you can give will be a blessing. Besides financial support, we need your prayers! Please keep our senior class in prayer as we seek to bring the light of Christ to the people of Kolobrzeg, Poland.


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