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  • Juliette K.

Weave Me Lord

Our fall program this year is called “Tapestry of Life.” When we first began, I hardly knew anything about tapestries or how they're made. I predicted that the concerts would be boring with an out-dated message. I was so wrong.

Before we began practice, our choir director told us about tapestries. Brimming with an appreciation for art, she passionately described the skillful talent one needs to make a tapestry. Artists use huge looms with white threads going from top to bottom. Then using a painting or sketch as a reference they outline the white threads of the painting. As they weave horizontally on through the white threads, they use different colored bobbins to match exactly to the original painting. A single tapestry may take years to complete. In our program, we use this art as an analogy to our own lives.

Since we were born, God had a plan for our lives. He created us for a special purpose. One song we sing in our program called “Weave Me Lord” depicts the Lord as our weaver slowly crafting in us His design. The song says that even when we don’t understand the dark threads He weaves into our experience we trust that He knows what is best.

However, we also are threads in the great tapestry of humanity. God uses all of us to create a masterful design of his bride - the church. We must not mar God’s fabric. Across the hall in the dormitory, I have a friend we’ll call Ava, she is constantly weaving a thread of positivity in people’s lives. Before we sang a concert, I noticed she was looking somewhat depressed. We talked and she shared with me how she was feeling alone, even though at school she is constantly surrounded by people, she felt like she had no one to talk to. During the program, as we sang I saw streams of tears falling down her face. She was overwhelmed by the love of God as we sang the song, “He Will Carry Me.”Even though she felt her friends had left her, she realized God never would. He would carry her through dark times. But I thought to myself, why had I not been a friend to her. Why was I not being a golden thread in her life? God designed me to be a bright colorful thread in the lives around me. As Christians, we must weave God’s plan into our daily lives.

At the end of every concert, Mrs.Holland, the bell choir director, says to the audience “ Look at these teenagers before you. Where will they be in twenty years?” Will we allow God to weave his perfect image in us? Will we be bright threads in the web of humanity. My prayer is that every person who sang our concert and heard will respond a resounding “yes.”


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