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  • Karen Holland

Missionaries at Home

In Ministry of Healing, it says that "True education is missionary training." This is the mission of Oklahoma Academy and we are striving to make it central to everything that we do. We are living in the very tippy toes of the Daniel 2 image, so we pray that God will continue to help us be serious about the times that we live in and develop every opportunity to advance His work

This past Sunday we had our annual International Food Festival. This event was designed so that we could focus on the big picture of reaching and connecting with our community. It brings us together as staff and students to prepare delicious food from around the world and serve it in a tastefully decorated environment for the community. Through this event, we also raise money for our worthy students.

Sometimes we wonder if the amount of work we put in is worth it, but when we see that we served 350 people in a single afternoon, most of which were non-Adventists from the community, we are excited to be reaching out to our neighbors and the possibility of continued connection through the Country Store and other health programs. Please keep this in prayer.


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