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  • Cameron Shurley

Right Place At The Right Time

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

As a part of our vocational training, Oklahoma Academy operates an ongoing canvassing program. This year there are six canvassers who faithfully knock on doors each week. I personally know that canvassing presents both challenges and rewards to those who are faithful. I hope reading the testimonies of our devoted canvassers will inspire you in your witness for God.

“One day while I was canvassing, I happily knocked on the next door. A lady opened it and seemed really sad. I began my canvass and she said she was totally not in the mood for this because she had just lost her daughter. After hearing this, I totally disconnected from my sale and instead offered to pray with her. She was relieved and encouraged. I gave her some more encouragement and I left happy as well.” ~Samuel Atwood

“As I was going canvassing one day, it was not going as I had planned. Mr. Raul put me in parking lots against my will. I canvassed this lady in her car on God’s Answers. She told me that she had been searching for answers this past week because she had been going through some tough times and had lost someone in her family. Instantly, I realized that God gave me this divine appointment to meet this woman in her needs. There are many people we can reach through canvassing just as I met that woman at the right time.” ~ Christi Lun.


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