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Nicole's Story

Every young person who wishes to work for the Lord should be able to get a true Christian education. For this purpose, Oklahoma Academy has set up the Worthy Student Scholarship Fund. With your help, sincere students who need tuition assistance will be able to study at O.A

Let me introduce you to one of our worthy students this year. Nicole Carlson comes from Edgewood, New Mexico. Previously home schooled, Nicole, better known as Nikki, wanted a different environment for her senior year. Her hometown had few peers whom she could talk to.

Nikki searched for a Seventh-day Adventist school where she could meet more teens and have new experiences. She found Oklahoma Academy to be the friendliest of any of the schools she had investigated. “I like the friendly atmosphere; it’s like a big family instead of students going behind the backs of the teachers.”

Since coming to O.A, Nikki has made many friends and has had new experiences, such as playing in the bell choir. One lesson Nikki is learning in Mr. Holland’s Cultural Geography class is how to better witness to people of different cultures and backgrounds.

After she graduates, she hopes to complete college, work in Japan, and maybe even teach English as a second language with an Adventist mission agency. In the short time Nikki has been at O.A, she has learned much and is excited to see what the future has in store for her.


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