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  • By Michael Shurley


Today’s church is a tough place to be a Christian. 85% of non-Christians say that hypocrisy is the reason they aren't Christians. Christians themselves know about hypocrisy all too well as it causes many to leave the Church every year. Inside the Church, hypocrisy and just plain bad influences cause peer pressure felt even by many adults. In addition, many feel they lack enough time to be a good Christian. These problems, though great, cause an often unnecessary amount of despair. People often give up because of these obstacles. I’m not going to judge them for doing so, after all being a Christian is not all roses and butterflies, we’re fighting the most powerful foe known to man. However, we need not despair, we serve a God who is more powerful than all these problems. What we need is an attitude of an overcomer, We need the honesty to own up to what we are, and what we can’t do on our own. We need to connect to the Source of our Strength. This year’s Student Week of Prayer, entitled OWN UP, sought to do that very thing. We covered topics such as how to deal with hypocrites, how not to be a hypocrite, how to make time for God, and more. People gave their personal testimony, and tears were shed as the listeners learned how God has worked in the lives of their fellow students. We want to share the blessing we received with you. We are currently editing the video recordings of the week of prayer and uploading them to our YouTube channel. We pray that you will own up, and overcome as you listen to the messages.

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