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  • By Michael Shurley

Ye Have Done It Unto Me

The Sabbath before break we reached out to the homeless population of Oklahoma City. We brought food, music, and care packages: little packets filled with toiletries, food bars, warm socks, reading material, and an encouraging card. We packed these bags during prayer meeting the Wednesday before our outreach. Each student made up two bags as happy chatter filled the cafeteria. On Sabbath we went to an area that our partner in this outreach, the Midwest City International Church, carries on a regular ministry to the homeless. First we sang as we set up, bringing in crowds of hungry people. As they enjoyed a nutritious meal, we began to mingle with the people, learning their life stories, offering encouragement and prayer, and giving them the care packages. On the bus ride home the mic was constantly in use as person after person shared how God had worked that day, not only on the hearts of the homeless, but in their own hearts as well. Truly we were mingling with the people and ministering to their needs, just as Christ did, the only way that brings real success in ministry. Watch the video below to see the highlights of our day in ministry.


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