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by Elga Solomon | Class of '18


by Joshua Draget | Class of '14


Music Camp

by Tabitha Chang | Staff 2018


Tabitha Chang served as our cafeteria director for 3 years. She writes from her home now in Woodstock, GA.

     After moving to Georgia, I started attending a church downtown and visiting people in the local community. From engaging in house-to-house visits, I noticed a lot of children who were left unattended at their homes. I began to pray for them and realized that by opening the church door and teaching them music, they could learn about Christ. Every week, I have piano and voice lessons with them. After two years of teaching, I noticed a great change in those children who now know about Christ and who sing Christian songs. In May, we held a children's music camp for them. It was the first time that all the children had gathered in one place, and I realized that I couldn’t handle all of them. I needed helping hands to supervise them properly. When I was working at Oklahoma Academy, I saw the type of education the students were getting, and I wanted those prepared students to help. Oklahoma Academy students were trained and ready to handle all the challenges a children's summer camp could bring.


Mrs. Chang solicited the help of four Alumni: Her daughter, Sarah (above), David Perez, Michael Shurley (all class of 2018), and Providence Mpano (class of 2019). All good friends from their time at OA, the four enjoyed wonderful fellowship as they assisted in teaching and supervising the 16 young music camp students. 8 Music Camp ALUMNI REPORT by Tabitha Chang Provi and David (above) worked with the younger children playing musical games and making play dough art (see clay keyboard below right). Provi entertained them with his Ukulele and exuberant personality. Mrs. Chang, Sarah and Michael (above in white) taught violin, solfege, bell choir, and harmonica choir to the older children. They also played games like musical Jenga.


The readiness of these students made me realize that Oklahoma Academy’s simple yet practical educational program was created in God's providence. It is an education that prepares students for service, and makes them harvesters for God's kingdom. The local children and parents are anxious for these students to come back and have another music camp for them!

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