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Make a Charitable Contribution

There are always ongoing needs for staff housing, maintainance, repairs, equipment replacement and upgrades. Your donation to the general fund will be used where most needed.

Senior Mission Trip

The Oklahoma Academy Senior Class of 2023 is headed to Costa Rica this upcoming March for our two-week class mission trip! The Lord has opened an incredible door for us to partner with the local union’s youth department to help build a full-size portable sanctuary model right there in San Jose, Costa Rica.


Not only will this open amazing opportunities for evangelism and sharing the truths of what Jesus did for us, but it will also draw thousands to understand what He is doing for us RIGHT now in the Heavenly sanctuary and to hear about even more Bible truths.

By God’s grace, we will not only help build the model, but also train local Seventh-day Adventist youth on how to give a sanctuary tour and explain the significance of the sanctuary even in our present time.


WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Please help us raise the money necessary to get to Costa Rica and build a solid foundation to help share God’s message for this time with people who are hungering and thirsting for truth.

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Worthy Students

Typically about 20% of our students qualify for the Worthy Student Program, meaning part or all of their tuition is provided from the Worthy Student Fund. Please consider helping these students continue to pursue their christian education at Oklahoma Academy.

Worthy Students
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Mission Aviation

Mission Avation
Amazon Wish Lists

Amazon Wish Lists

Check out our Amazon Wish Lists to donate something specific and tangible that a department needs.


You can donate to Oklahoma Academy with every Amazon purchase!

  1. Click "Get Started" below and on the new page 

  2. In the "choose your charitable organization" field, select "Missions Unlimited".

  3. Once you choose to support Missions Unlimited, you can access Amazon through whenever you shop.

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