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Elisabeth Hovanski

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Elisabeth Hovanski

A little bit about me:

I was born in Hawaii, and grew up there. Sometimes my family would come to the mainland because my brother was sick and needed medical attention frequently and there are no children’s hospitals where I live. One of these times, my dad met Daniel Arroyo, the publishing director for OA.  He told us about the program at Oklahoma Academy and my parents decided to send me here as a freshman.

     I am trusting that the Lord will continue to provide for my expenses as I finish my education and graduate in May 2020. I want to use my training to reach others for Christ and do mission work as God may lead. I would like to teach ESL English, work in literature evangelism, and teach music. I would also like to work with refugees and become a linguist.

     I like playing the piano and challenging myself with hard songs. I enjoy freelance writing, drawing and studying languages. I also enjoy speaking French and singing in Hawaiian.

      My favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:26, 31-32, 36-39. Many trials may come our way when we are working for God, yet NOTHING can separate us from God’s care!         

      Thank you for sponsoring my education. I will keep in touch and let you know how I am doing. I hope to hear from you also.


Elisabeth Hovanski