Permissions and Addition Information

This page only is only applicable to you once you have been accepted to Oklahoma Academy.

Extra documentation is required before you can be a registered student at Oklahoma Academy. The following forms will be accepted in any order but is necessary before registration week.

I. Enrollment Form

The Enrollment form contains the following documents and will be sent to you via SignNow upon your $286 Entrance Fee.

  • Primary Medical Information Form

  • Permission Form

  • Financial Form

II. Immunization/Vaccination Records

Immunizations will be required at this time. Please send a copy of the originals by email to registrar@oklahomaacademy.org. If you would like for Oklahoma Academy to have the original copy, submit it in person when your child arrives for Orientation.

If your child does not have incomplete or incomplete immunization records and you have filled out an Application for Medical, Religious or Philosophical Exemption Form, this will be required at this time.

III. Financial Form

A "Financial Arrangement" form will be sent to you via SignNow upon acceptance and will be required before the Registration process can begin.

You can download our financial information for domestic or international students.

For more information or questions, please contact our treasurer at treasurer@oklahomaacademy.org

IV. Consent to Treat Form

The Consent to Treat form is another required from. Notice a notary must sign this document. 

This form must be turned in by mail or before Orientation Day.

This is the only form that must NOT be submitted online.

This can be done during the Registration Process.