Making North Pole Bread

March 30, 2020


When Oklahoma Academy still had a daycare, the cafeteria cooks provided meals for the academy and the daycare. One morning the meals were so hastily packaged that when the food arrived at the daycare kitchen, the bread was still frozen. Mrs. Kennedy, the daycare director, had an idea. “Today we have a special treat!” she told the hungry kids. “We have North Pole bread! Isn’t that awesome?” Excited whispers spread through the kids. No one had ever had North Pole bread before! The kids eagerly ate all of the frozen bread that day for lunch. 


Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. It's easy to be worried and frustrated and question God. Like the children of Israel, we groan at every inconvenience in life. Even minor mishaps can make us tremble with anxiety. But each trial is an opportunity. Jame