Weave Me Lord

November 18, 2019

Our fall program this year is called “Tapestry of Life.” When we first began, I hardly knew anything about tapestries or how they're made. I predicted that the concerts would be boring with an out-dated message. I was so wrong. 


Before we began practice, our choir director told us about tapestries. Brimming with an appreciation for art, she passionately described the skillful talent one needs to make a tapestry. Artists use huge looms with white threads going from top to bottom. Then using a painting or sketch as a reference they outline the white threads of the painting. As they weave horizontally on through the white threads, they use different colored bobbins to match exactly to the original painting. A single tapestry may take years to complete. In our program, we use this art as an analogy to our own lives.