How To Change The World

December 8, 2017

You see the picture above? That’s my class, the Seniors of 2018. I love my class, we are quite diverse, both in ethnicities and in character traits. I have classmates from Burma, Korea, Kenya, Mexico, and of course the United States; and all of us have different strengths. Some of us enjoy speaking to people about the love of God. Others of us enjoy blessing others through manual service. Still others of us enjoy reaching the lost through digital means. All of us have a desire to be a well oiled team that God can use to reach the most people.


As many senior classes in OA history have done, we are planning to go on a mission trip this year. We wish to reach out to others and show them that God is Love, that sin is a sickness, and that Christ, the great physician, came, not to condemn the world, but to save it; to sacrifice His life, even if there was only one who would actually accept his free gift of salvation. We wish to go about our work knowing that it will all be worth it if we save even one person. That’s how we can change the world- one person at