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Meet The Team

Sarah Chang

Sarah is our professional student, studying with almost an obsession. When she isn't studying, she enjoys playing music, speaking in her five languages (Korean, Japanese, English, Spanish, French), And preparing for standardized tests. 

Jessica Colegrove

Jessica Colegrove is one of our class chaplains, leading out in united prayer. She has been here for all four years, enjoys canvassing, and hopes to become a missionary teacher. 

Jonathan Dumar

Jonathan Dumar is our Class Chairman. He has been at OA for over four years (no he hasn't failed over and over, he is a staff student). He speaks French and English and works with OA Publishing as a typesetter.

Adiv Fraizier

Adiv loves to talk about his favorite things, one of which is Christ. He enjoys giving talks for vespers, sermons, and prayer meetings.

Kyle Jeong

A very skilled instrumentalist, Kyle has exceptional taste in music and speech. His love for sharing the gospel with the world has made his music and his life to be more Christ-like. His philosophical thinking combine with his missionary activities in Korean and English.

Taylor Kim

Happiness thrives within Taylor. Her musical skills have exceptional artistry. And when she plays, her music brings smiles to the faces of her audience. She is also a studious, deep thinker and assesses situations quickly.    

Soo Kim

Soo has a love for God that she expresses through the arts of speech and song. she sings about the love of God and tells what he has done for her. She helps with Small Groups and is a spiritual leader in the school.

Luis Lezama

Luis is the one . . . in our class who really livens everything up. Full of humor, he can sometimes come across as frivolous, then surprise you with remarks that show deep thought. He enjoys business, investing, and many other pursuits that he is just waiting to spring on all of us . . . randomly.

Mattie Mundall

Mattie has been an awesome member of our class for all four years. A tomboy, she gets along well with the guys as well the girls in the school. She uses her influence to point others to Christ through her life and interactions with others.

Josh Park

When Josh came from Korea to OA he was not a Christian, he just wanted to play the piano better. But while here, he found Christ. With his newfound understanding, he uses his piano skills to further the Great Commission.

David Perez

David is a wise man who speaks only when his words will have the desired impact. He is also an accomplished cook. He has a hunger for learning that has taken him on a journey of multiple languages and instruments. He uses his many skills to further God's mission.

Michael Shurley

Bringing his enthusiasm for missionary work, Michael is one of our class chaplains. He speaks English and French and uses this skill in the Communications Department as a journalist. 

Munga Thigani

Born in California, Munga Thigani is our Media Professional. He is constantly taking video and photos to grow his talent. His Kenyan heritage influences his work and inspires him to be better at what he does. He works for OA Publishing as a visual marketer, and aspires to one day be a fulltime filmmaker. 

Sian Tuang

Sian is from Burma and thus speaks Zopau, Burmese, and English. He enjoys the outdoor life and plays his guitar wherever he goes. He aspires to become a missionary and spread the gospel to all the world.

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