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  • Lincoln Gordon

It May Not Click

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

By Lincoln Gordon

Disappointed with my minuscule progress, I continued to studder the words written on the whiteboard. What I didn’t know at the time was that I had only experienced hard things, but not done them. I would begin to do the most difficult thing that I would ever do. There became a point where I began to enjoy French class and I was content with my progress, but I had not yet “arrived”. I kept going: French I became French II and that became French III.

I remember being told that there is a point in one's language learning journey where they get over the bump; they struggle and work hard then someday it just clicks, but I never had that. I feel like to a degree, yes, it clicked, but not the way I thought it would. It has been 3 years and there is so much more to learn and master.

There have been many days when I am sitting in class and just want to quit and when the goal simply seems too difficult to attain. I feel this also applies to our everyday lives. Life is hard and it does not just click. People do and experience hard things and it is tempting to quit simply because something is too difficult.

I have been blessed with a teacher who wants the best for her students, helps them when they are struggling, and pushes them to their limits even when they feel like they can’t keep going.

Likewise, we have a Savior who wants the best for us. He helps us when we are struggling, pushes us to our limits, and comforts us in our darkest hour.


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