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Held Back

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

By Zuunnu Cing

Screech... crash... thud. Another car accident. This was the second wreck we had passed that day. It was Mission Week and I was beginning to see how much God looks out for his children. I suddenly understood why we had encountered all the little inconveniences that morning before officially starting our trip. At three-thirty on a cool Sunday morning, Mr. Holland walked toward the white van and reached into his right front pocket. Pulling out a set of keys, he resumed loading the van. A few minutes later, our group of three staff and eight high school girls were ready to leave for Battle Creek, Michigan. Loading into the van, Mr. Holland discovered that he did not have his set of keys, the keys to the van. Immediately, he retraced his steps to search for them. A few of us united in search of the lost keys. After looking at every possible place without success, our group assembled and offered a prayer for the lost keys. Immediately after, one of our members discovered them lying on the ground in front of the van. Praising God, we piled into the van and drove off.

Driving down the highway, we stopped only long enough to fuel up. As we neared Chicago, Illinois, we were engulfed in a traffic jam. There had been a car accident ahead. We got out of that traffic jam only to discover that a few hundred yards ahead, another accident had taken place. A car going the opposite way had bounced over the ditch and landed on our side. The car had rolled over onto its roof. As we drove past, we could see the occupants trapped inside. Seeing all these accidents along the road, I wondered, "Was there a purpose behind the lost keys?" Perhaps God had allowed us to lose the keys to the van for a while to hold us back from being a part of one of those accidents. We will not know why until we get to heaven and ask God. But whatever the reason may be, I saw how close God watches out for us like a mother for her young.


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