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  • Keira Kleypas

Baking With God

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

By Keira Kleypas

Golden rays bathed the gathered crowd as the sun sank amid the glowing colors of eventide. Children played on the sidewalk as adults chattered along. With our conversations wrapping up, a close friend made a comment that caught my attention. Aware of my plans to attend a boarding school in the fall, she suggested I start a bake sale to help with the tuition associated with the school. As I pondered that idea, it began to shine, much like the orb that gilded us with ormolu. Having my summer plans thus established, I resolved to bake as many delicacies as possible.

First a list, then the prices. The prices–the longest part of the process, or so it seemed. Countless thousands of seconds, adding up indefinitely, consumed my time as I calculated the costs of the different ingredients used in the baking process. It seemed never-ending. Once the calculations ceased, I could start the more enjoyable part of the ordeal. After accumulating the various materials required for baking, I sent out a list of the different desserts to our community. When people saw the list, they shot in their orders like ravenous wolves. A plethora of requests came and continued coming until I thought I would drown. They were relentless, yet their relentlessness showed me God was blessing my efforts.

Continuing for a month, I never had a spare moment. Once the baking ceased, however, the incessant drone of the oven, the constant standing in the kitchen pouring over recipe books as I tossed the ingredients together, seemed too familiar to stop. Part of me missed it, but the other part was glad to be done. But this was one of the good things that must end. After totaling the amount raised, utter shock shook my being as I saw the support shown me. I believed God would help me, but the depth to which He had astounded me. He had blessed me beyond measure and showed that the cause that I sought to follow was His will for my life. Humbled when I realized His care, I saw my incompetency and knew I needed His help in my life, baking included. I owe it to Him for my summer’s success.

After miraculously providing sales this summer, God has shown me that it is His will for me to be here at OA. Currently, in the aviation program, I plan on becoming a medical missionary pilot for His service to help finish the work and quicken the return of our Lord. The tools taught here are valuable and will aid me in whatever He has in store for my future. Baking requires discipline to finish all the orders; school requires discipline in order to excel. Together, they will prepare me to be a disciplined missionary for the service of God. I praise Him for the opportunity to be at OA and learn essential skills for the mission field.


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