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  • Cameron Shurley

God is like A...

On a chilly sabbath evening while vibrant colors painted the sky as the sun settled over the pond and trees, students gathered in OASIS park to have a bonfire. The scene was beautiful.

As the evening grew dark, we began our worship service by singing. For the devotion, Mr. Brooks told us to form pairs. Each pair was to choose an object in nature and create four sentences about it. The first sentence must start with "God is like a..." and if your sentences rhymed you got extra points. Quickly, everyone broke up into groups and began scouring about to find an object. I have never been one to bustle about, so looking around I considered the easiest object to use. Then glancing at the fire I decided to pull out one of its massive branches. My partner and I decided that our branch was going to be a tree. We searched our brains to create a poem about our "tree" to compare it to God.

Soon all the groups were ready, and Mr.Brooks called us back into our big circle around the bonfire. Each team had either a comforting, powerful or pensive answer. I remember one staff member said "God is like the dirt; my contention is well-founded. His character is sure, and on His word I am grounded."

Scriptures say that the heavens declare the glory of our God. I never realized the truthfulness of this statement. God speaks to us through his nature. Jesus frequently illustrates heavenly precepts through nature. How often do we look up from our work, phones, and daily distractions to look outside and think about God? What precious lessons we miss when we forget to consider the lilies, the birds, or the trees. We should each day remember to find the lessons in God’s second book.


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