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  • Cameron Shurley

This Month in a Nutshell

Here at Oklahoma Academy, there is always something happening. I am writing to you today from the fellowship hall of the Ardmore Seventh-day Adventist church where we have been given the opportunity to film our fall and Christmas music programs from this year. It will be a full day.

This past week we took the first day of the semester to do an outing to Wichita Mountains that we call"Waldensian Hike." The theme of our year is "Here I Stand" and we took this day to have fun and focus on the Waldensians who stood their ground against Rome in the early days of Christianity. It was a spiritually uplifting day as we spent time in God's second book, tried to catch groups or evade getting caught, and at the end of the day shared our testimonies of object lessons learned.

Henry Stubbs and his wife from World Group came and inspired us with stories and instruction for our upcoming mission trip to Cuba. We spent some time this past Sabbath afternoon getting organized with the Children's meetings, speakers, and health presentations. Holding seven simultaneous meetings is requiring that our students step way out of their comfort zones (staff too). Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for this mission It is our desire to teach the young people that living for Jesus and serving others is exciting, fun, rewarding, faith building, and yes, can be a little stressful at times.

In February we will be having our annual International Food Festival. This event has taken the place of the normal winter banquet that we would have. We still have the fun of working together, producing delightful food, and creating cultural decorations, but this gives the focus of blessing others in the process.


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