Meet Our Staff

Mafalda Cruttenden

Dale Cruttenden

Boys Dean

Mr. Cruttenden fulfills the role of Dad to the boys with good humor and fatherly direction.

Mafalda Cruttenden


Mrs. Cruttenden serves as the school librarian and study hall assistant, but just as important, she brings a mother's care to the boys' dorm.

Pictured here with their grandchildren, Chandler and Cheriss.

Cynthia Brooks

Clifton brooks

Aviation & Development

Mr. Brooks wears many hats as he serves as flight instructor, vocational director, development director.

Cynthia Brooks

Girls' Dean

Mrs. Brooks is mother away from home for the girls in the dorm.

The Brooks have four children: Celeste, Carolina, Caleb, and Cyrus

Trey Shurley

Julie Shurley

Communications and Media

Mrs. Shurley, with the help of student workers, keeps up the OA website and social media, does photography and videography, designs and edits the newsletters and the yearbook among other things.

Trey Shurley


Mr. Shurley teaches Anatomy and Physiology, World Literature, and Writing Workshop. The Shurleys have three boys - Cameron, Christopher, and Michael (plus one: Gogo Sinurat)

Janyce Sendelbach


As she crunches numbers and keeps her eye on finances, Mrs. Sendelbach often gives a cheerful greeting to students passing by her office. Pictured here with her husband, Larry Sendelbach.

Duncan Paniagua

Registrar and Teacher

Topher Kyle


Topher Kyle has stepped in to fill a very important need as the bookkeeper. He brings cheer to the whole office with his singing while he works.

Basanthi Lazar

Solomon Lazar

Math and Chemistry Teacher

Mr. Lazar teaches chemistry and algebra.

Basanthi Lazar

Elementary Teacher's Assistant

Mrs. Lazar is mother to Elga, Enoch, and Elijah and helps out in the elementary school.

Cindy Miller


Mrs. Miller brings her expertise to the bakery making delicious breads and pies for the students and the Country Store.

Cara Jagitsch

Mark Jagitsch

Outreach Director and Grounds

Pastor Jagitsch keeps the grounds looking beautiful and also works with the students to organize outreach activities.

Cara Jagitsch

Cafeteria Assistant

Mrs. Jagitsch helps Mrs. Hunte with the meals and greets the students with a cheerful smile as she serves lunch.

Sharon iezzi

Country Store Manager

Miss Iezzi has brought her enthusiasm and entrepreneurial skills to the Country Store, expanding it's reach in the community.

Lula jenkins

Business Office Manager and Vocational Coordinator

Mrs. Jenkins keeps up with the many tasks in the Missions Unlimited Business Office.

Elder Jim & Donelda Hiner

Founders of Oklahoma Academy

Elder & Mrs. Hiner started the academy in 1981. Elder Hiner served as the president and principal for 20 years. Mrs. Hiner faithfully kept the books until her recent retirement.