Norman Or The King

Norman Baal was not an ordinary man in the town of Hutch. His aura held a persuasive sway on the moral tone of the people, like a compass for the town’s spirit or a lens through which men interpreted life. In fact, in his early years, he once turned the whole of Hutch against a small sect who had resisted his bidding. But his character had softened since then: “A different man, less pushy,’ many stated. When his children, Bill, Oscar, and Louise, were nearing adulthood, Norman, ever ready to give his admired advice, bestowed his best wishes for their future. For Bill, he argued in favor of a career in business, charging his son to strive for wealth. To Oscar, he presented a vision of fame an

The Sea of Life

Once there was a ship, sailing on the Sea of Life, it tossed to and fro upon the waves, shuddering and groaning under the strain. The Sea of Life is constantly inflamed by hurricanes of doubt, anguish, and heartache. Occasionally with these storms, a calm lapses over the waters for a time. But alas, the waves double in furry to sink both ship and passenger once the calm passes over. On this ship, we discover two people: the captain, and one passenger. The passenger lives on the 7th deck of the ship all by himself. The captain and passenger set sail many years ago, and have been struggling through the never-ending storm to reach a magnificent city in a better land. The captain, straining cons