Weave Me Lord

Our fall program this year is called “Tapestry of Life.” When we first began, I hardly knew anything about tapestries or how they're made. I predicted that the concerts would be boring with an out-dated message. I was so wrong. Before we began practice, our choir director told us about tapestries. Brimming with an appreciation for art, she passionately described the skillful talent one needs to make a tapestry. Artists use huge looms with white threads going from top to bottom. Then using a painting or sketch as a reference they outline the white threads of the painting. As they weave horizontally on through the white threads, they use different colored bobbins to match exactly to the origin

What Do I Owe You?

"Last time we went door to door we were asking for money; this time we are just going to give something to brighten people’s day." Mrs. Holland announced. On this first Sabbath in November, we students were gathered in the music building to receive instructions for our afternoon outreach. Scattered across the front of the room, bright yellow and white roses lay in bunches. A local wholesale flower shop had donated 375 roses for this activity. “Today we will be going door to door handing our neighbors roses. You should introduce yourself and tell them why we are handing out roses." All the students smiled and commented positively on the potential success of this outreach. My team headed to th