This Month in a Nutshell

Here at Oklahoma Academy, there is always something happening. I am writing to you today from the fellowship hall of the Ardmore Seventh-day Adventist church where we have been given the opportunity to film our fall and Christmas music programs from this year. It will be a full day. This past week we took the first day of the semester to do an outing to Wichita Mountains that we call"Waldensian Hike." The theme of our year is "Here I Stand" and we took this day to have fun and focus on the Waldensians who stood their ground against Rome in the early days of Christianity. It was a spiritually uplifting day as we spent time in God's second book, tried to catch groups or evade getting caught, a

Never Give Up

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.” Two weeks into the new year and life has almost reached its normal pace. Chances are by the end of this month everyone will have forgotten the New Year’s resolutions. People love objects which are new: new iPhone, new clothes, new year, new me and etc.. Why is so hard to keep New Year’s resolutions? The children of Israel forgot how God had blessed them, they turned to idolatry and evil. When Solomon's temple had been forgotten and again the Jews turned their eyes from God, Babylon came and took all they had. It is easy to forget the good things in life. It's easy to forget our triumphs and remember