Simply Seeing Jesus

By Hae Soo Kim - Graduating class of 2009​

Have you ever thought you were intelligent? Solomon, the wisest man in the world, did until he realized the superseding wisdom of God. Can you imagine that the most powerful and intelligent king’s clothing was inferior to a wildflower? God loves simple things. He uses simple things to bring about great accomplishments. My life is a testament to how God can use simple things and simple lifestyle to bring about great change and growth in excellence.

         Going back 10-15 years ago, you would have found me growing up in Seoul, South Korea.  Korea has changed greatly since the Korean War of 1950. Technological advances, especially after the 1990’s, brought much good, but also much evil. My generation and I were exposed to the computer and to video games at much too young an age.  I became good at video games because of all the time I squandered on them. There were times that I spent the whole day in front of the computer. I was without purpose, except for advancing one more stage on my current game. 

         Growing up in an Adventist home with loving parents who patiently worked with me and prayed for me, I was a faithful Sabbath-keeper. However, it is not hard to guess what Sabbath was like for one whose mind was full of video games day after day. And eventually, because of the influence of friends, I even stopped keeping the Sabbath. Looking back, I realize that I was a video game addict.

         On parent’s day, May 8th, 2007, my parents gave me a gift which I would open many years later. I was sent to Oklahoma Academy (OA) as an ESL/junior in high school. It was literally the ‘new world.’ With the language barrier, cultural differences, and environmental contrast, my world was turned upside down and I felt that I had taken a blow to the head with a sledge hammer! Every growing pain, however, rewards you with growth, and that is what OA proved to be for me. In place of video games, I was given the real farming game. I learned to enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. My taste and skills in music were upgraded. The hungry spiritual man was fed and well nourished. All of this sums up my experience at OA. But what changed my life were the people I met. Growing up as a Seventh-Day Adventist in South Korea, I was privileged to know about the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy (SOP), however, it was only when I was at OA that I ‘experienced’ the Bible and the SOP being practiced in an organization. The dedicated staff members were instructors in classrooms, co-workers in the field, music directors in the choir, spiritual parents in church and home, listening ears, friends, and most of all, they were my example. In their shared time, money, food, love, friendship, and energy, I saw Christ’s love for me. The sacrifice made by these humble missionaries for Him made changes in my life. I started cherishing a noble purpose for my life—to be His missionary. 

            My two years at OA were simple but powerful. God used simple means to touch my heart. We have no idea how much we are blessed when we obey His simple law. I thank God I am now serving Him as a medical missionary at Wildwood lifestyle center. Still today, OA stands high in my life memory as a place where I simply met my Jesus.

by Jeremy Glass, Class of 2002​

By Hae Soo Kim - Graduating class of 2009

Darryl Hosford - Class of 1985